Elevate your NFT trading with AI signals

Stay ahead of the curve. Our AI predicts potential Floor price swings in real-time, helping you stay ahead of the curve and navigate the market with confidence

Your Edge in NFT Intelligence

Liisa analyzes the NFT market 24/7, delivering signals with high accuracy. Spot real-time trends and early insights, empowering confident trades.

Instant Discord Alerts for Your Community

Get instant notifications from Liisa's AI-driven signals directly in your Discord community. Be the first to act on precise insights, keeping you informed and ahead of the game.

Hear what our community has to say

NFT INVESTOR AND PRoduct manager
"Perfect platform if you're looking for an edge regarding the NFT market and your portfolio. Innovative new metrics that will give you an advantage over the rest!"
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NFT Investor AND COMMUnity manager
"Just imagine an AI analytic tool that does “DYOR” for you and all you just have to do is decide if you’re willing to ape in or not, would be fun and that’s what @liisa_io is building for the space.
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NFT investor and project founder
"What can help me make a rational decision when buying an NFT? @liisa_io. Take the guess work away with it’s full analytical profiling of NFTs. What’s not to be bullish about🔥"
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NFT Investor
"I'm glad I could give you some interesting ideas and suggestions. Your project is part of the technological revolution and approach of what is needed today and in the future."
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Stay on top of what's trending
  • Project Analytics
  • AI ScoreTM for daily Top 5 projects
  • Up to 10 monthly Alerts
29.99$ / month
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Pro Plan
Never miss an opportunity again
  • Project Analytics
  • AI ScoreTM for all projects
  • Up to 100 monthly Alerts
99.99$ / month
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